Social Media din ce in ce mai vizuala

O imagine valoreaza cat o mie de cuvinte. In social media valoarea imaginii depaseste o mie de cuvinte,  conform ROI Research. Oamenilor le place tot ceea ce inseamna vizual: imaginile interactive, infograficele. Live video-urile devin din ce in ce mai importante: sunt fereastra spre lume! (CIPR)

Comunicatorilor, folositi multimedia pentru a primi raspuns si pentru interactiune! Un articol foarte interesant din Forbes ne da trei exemple cum unele companii “inteligente” se folosesc de vizual in social media.

Adrian Petrisor Photography

Astazi am urmarit live blog-ul conferintei CIPR Social Media Conference 2012 si am notat trend-urile – cheie care vor duce la cresterea Social Media:

1. Technology – we’re always connected and it’s always with you
2. Personal identities – we all live in public now, sharing, using and promoting our identities 
3. Projected and real identities are beginning to align – gone are the days when we all used to act on the internet anonymously 
4. Declining trust in press, politicians and business. Makes us think ‘we’re in this together’ – social perpetuates that message
5. People are stepping into the responsibility gap – Say something online equals doing something.

 CIPR Social Media Conference 2012

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